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9 Best AdSense Alternatives to Consider for Your Website

While Google AdSense is a well-liked way to make money online by placing ads on your blog or website, there are other options as well. There are other alternatives to Adsense to take into account.

Whether you haven’t set up an AdSense account yet, are having trouble getting it approved, or would like to diversify your revenue, there are a ton of other alternative advertising systems that provide incredible features and let you make extra money from your website.

What is Google Adsense?

In case you were unaware, Google runs the Adsense advertising platform. Established in 2003, this is among the most well-liked online ad networks for webmasters and bloggers wishing to make money from their blogs.

Which Website Types Are Ideal for Adsense?

You may utilize Google AdSense on any kind of website. Some kinds, meanwhile, are more appropriate for showing Adsense advertisements.

Let’s examine the many types of websites that are compatible with Adsense:

Blog: Among the most well-liked is the blog. If you’re a blogger that regularly presents readers with excellent information, ads might be a great way to monetize your work.

Forums – Instead of writing blog posts, forums are an excellent way for individuals to discuss a subject while still making money with Adsense.

Completely free online tool: One way to offset the expenses of maintaining a website that offers a free tool or service is to place advertisements.

The takeaway from this is that any website that receives steady traffic would be an excellent fit for Adsense.

However, what happens if you decide against including Adsense adverts on your website?

Why Should I Look for Alternatives to Adsense?

For many years, one of the most popular methods for bloggers to monetize their websites has been Google Adsense.

In actuality, your website may make a respectable amount of money if it has the correct topic, quality content, and an active audience. Just have a look at this screenshot of your AdSense revenue:

However, that does not imply that it is the exclusive option. There are several reasons to search for alternative advertising platforms, since there are a lot of them (21 to be exact).

Maybe you wish to diversify your sources of revenue even though you already have an Adsense account. Alternatively, you could wish to add a few more streams while continuing to broadcast Adsense advertisements.

Perhaps you want to get more money from your ad space than you are now getting through Adsense.

Top Google AdSense Alternatives

To learn more about how to monetize your website or blog even further, let’s look at a few of these alternatives to Google AdSense:

5. Evadav

In addition to offering a wide range of ad solutions, such as banners, video sliders, and native advertisements for desktop and mobile platforms, Evadav is an advertising network that specializes in push notifications.

Following their enrollment, users that subscribe to your push notification system stay associated with you and provide a steady daily revenue for you. You may earn even more passive money with very little labor by participating in Evadav’s referral program, which pays you 5% of the revenue generated by publishers you suggest.

Because all websites are vetted to guarantee brand safety, you get reliable advertisements and traffic of the highest caliber.

2. PropellerAds

Reach up to 1 billion users with PropellerAds, a sizable ad network that provides a variety of advertisements such as sponsored links, banners, and push notifications.

With its user-friendly ad maker, the self-serve platform makes it simple to launch campaigns and incur no trouble. Real-time performance monitoring and a plethora of targeting choices allow you to make reactive improvements to your campaigns.

Additionally, it has automatic ad optimization, which allows AI to optimize your settings and give you the most conversions possible for each ad without requiring human intervention.

3. Adsterra

Leading platform for advertising and monetization, Adsterra offers brands, media companies, and individual buyers and sellers a special Partner Care program.

Adsterra is a fantastic substitute for Adsense as it provides a policy that is easy for beginners and verticals alike, quick moderation, creative targeting options, and exclusive optimization tools like Custom Bid, CPA Goal, and Smart CPM.

Their areas of expertise include dating, e-commerce, utilities, mobile subscriptions, VPN, iGaming, and cleaning. Adsterra distinguishes itself with high-converting ad formats, such as their own dynamic and customized Social Bar advertisements, and direct traffic from 248 GEOs.

Known and appreciated by brands, applications, CPA and ad networks, affiliate marketers, start-up founders, and owners of online and social traffic, Adsterra has been a pioneer in the AdTech space since 2013.

4. InfoLinks

A global advertising network called Infolinks seeks to reach interested people with brand messaging.

The fully customizable advertisements provide a distinctive location to increase click-through rate without detracting from the overall aesthetic of the page. They are able to offer pertinent advertisements at the most advantageous times by employing a clever algorithm to ascertain relevance and purpose.

Infolinks may be implemented into a website in a matter of minutes and supports a marketplace with over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries.

5. Ezoic

With Ezoic, publishers may add display advertisements to every page on their website using an end-to-end platform. By using patented artificial intelligence, Ezoic customizes the ad experience for each individual visitor, making sure that they only see the kind, quantity, and size of advertising that will most effectively reach them.

Publishers may access Google’s prized AdX portfolio of advertising partners since Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner. Since AdX is not available through Google Adsense, publishers that use it will see higher-paying advertisements on their websites.

With two new solutions named Flickify & Humix, Ezoic now provides options to add films to your website that are made from the information that is already on your website. Publishers are seeing a sharp increase in their earnings from advertising through video.

With the simple-to-use Flickify tool, publishers can easily transform their written material into a customizable video that can be integrated into their current content, increasing ad income and enhancing user experience.

The Humix video platform hosts videos made with Flickify rather than YouTube, allowing the publishers to keep a larger portion of the ad money from each time a video is played. Before you can make money from your YouTube channel, you must meet tight standards like minimum views for videos and subscribers, which might take years to meet. Publishers may profit right now with Humix.

6. PopCash

Offering global coverage, PopCash is a popunder network with 50,000 active publishers and 850 million monthly visitors.

All it takes to get your campaigns up and running is a $5 payment and speedy approval. You may continuously enhance the effectiveness of your adverts with the help of precise analytics and targeting tools. In a matter of minutes, publishers may begin generating extra income by adding the popunder code to the appropriate pages and submitting their domain for approval.

PopCash may be used in conjunction with AdSense or other advertising choices to maximize the revenue stream possibilities of your website.

7. PopAds

PopAds, as the name implies, is an advertising network that specializes in popunders and claims to be the highest paid source for these kinds of ads.

Advertisers from over 50 countries are part of their network, and they provide publishers and advertisers with a referral program. You may enhance your campaigns with a plethora of targeting choices, and you are in complete control of the amount you choose to spend.

With its cutting-edge bidding mechanism, you may select the amount you wish to spend for each popunder. You’ll receive fewer traffic the lower your bid is. Humans check every publisher website to make sure it satisfies quality standards.

8. Bidvertiser

A direct advertising network called Bidvertiser assists in determining which advertiser and publication would be the most compatible.

Through the use of pre-screened traffic sources targeted towards conversions, Bidvertiser enables you to maximize the effectiveness of your adverts. Complete traffic segmentation allows you to manage and maximize your ad targeting.

Additionally, it provides a referral scheme that compensates for publishers’ and advertisers’ referrals, so your ad network will keep generating passive income.

9. BuySellAds

A program called BuySellAds helps you sell the advertising space on your website. Although you are in charge of determining the value of your advertising space, it’s crucial to avoid pricing yourself out of the market.

BuySellAds provides courteous, brand-safe placements across channels including display, native performance, sponsored content, and emails in place of intrusive or annoying advertisements. You maximize every impression by delivering advertising to their network of highly qualified audiences.

Your website is examined for quality when you submit it for approval. We only accept English-language, top-notch websites that receive at least 100,000 visits per month.


Although it is evident that Google AdSense is the industry leader in the advertising space, Adsense is not the only option available; in fact, several of them outperform Adsense in terms of minimum payout amounts, earning rates, and restrictions. You don’t have to follow Adsene’s stringent rules to succeed if you keep these Google Ads substitutes in mind.

Additionally, bear in mind that there are still a ton of platforms available that might serve as Adsense alternatives, since this list just includes five.

By registering for one of these Adsense substitutes for small websites, you may increase the quantity of advertisements that display on your website and diversify your revenue streams, enabling you to monetize all of your content more effectively.

Finding other AdSense-like programs is not difficult. Just give it a go or monetize with RichAds.

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