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5 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes & Solutions

Using affiliate marketing to create passive income is a great idea. It has grown in popularity over the last several years, and there are countless chances.

But when it comes to affiliate marketing, a lot of novices make important blunders, particularly when they build affiliate marketing websites for the first time.

Here are seven fatal (and frequent) affiliate marketing blunders you should steer clear of when launching an affiliate marketing website to save yourself from heartbreaking failure.

1. Selling, Instead of Helping

Selling things and promoting products and services on your website is the only way your business will be profitable.

However, you won’t be able to earn nearly as much money as you might if that’s all you do.

You will need to modify the way you post content and shift your perspective from generating money to truly helping others if you truly want to generate a lot of money and operate your business for years.

There are two distinct ways that helping others benefits your business.

First of all, it helps you establish credibility, which increases people’s confidence and encourages them to visit you again.

Furthermore, it helps people see that you are assisting them in solving difficulties, which they may be ready to pay you to resolve, and it breaks the idea that you are trying to sell them anything.

You may market goods and services that are the answers rather than using deceit to persuade visitors to make a purchase when they realize they have problems that can be solved and you are assisting them in doing so.

They are not going to trust you very much if they discover that you are utilizing deceit and deception to get them to purchase something they may not really need.

When a visitor loses faith in you, you can reasonably assume that whatever money you got from them was a fluke and that they won’t be returning to your website in the near future.

After that, your company will eventually suffer a slow and agonizing demise.

SOLUCTION: Rather than attempting to close deals at every opportunity, put more effort into identifying issues that your site’s users are facing and offering them paid or free fixes.

They’ll be grateful to you for it, and the kindness of your heart will increase revenue for your company.

2. Selecting the wrong products/niche

Your choice of items and niche to target and market will be the main drivers of your success. Many affiliate marketers select categories that are either overly competitive or don’t provide enough revenue.

Examining the websites that appear in the search engine results page (SERP) can give you a sense of how competitive a given area is. Within a specialty, it’s critical to focus as much as you can because there won’t be as much competition.

If you were to specialize in the PS5, for example, you would have far less competition than in the broader game console market.

It is important to take into account the items you are endorsing, as a little commission of £10 on a gaming headset means you will need to generate thousands of sales in order to earn a respectable sum of money.

PS5 for £20,000 on eBay

Just think of the commissions this transaction would bring!

Choosing the appropriate items and/or specialty is crucial also since fixed expenses don’t change.

The price of domain names and hosting, as well as variable expenses like content creation, won’t change whether you’re marketing a £10 product or a £1,000 one.

3. Promotion of Irrelevant Products

When it comes to affiliate marketing, one thing you have to keep in mind is that your brand exists to benefit your audience. When you target a certain audience group, you have to allocate your resources to address the demands of those individuals.

It’s important for inexperienced affiliate marketers to keep this in mind when selecting which items to promote on their websites. They often concentrate on items that have great demand or give large commissions. In the end, they don’t generate the revenue they had hoped for since their target market is either uninterested in or unable to purchase such items.


You should conduct some study before deciding to use your affiliate marketing to promote any certain product. Profitability is undoubtedly important, but it’s not the only one.

Cost, interest rate, and perks are additional crucial elements. These three audience-focused variables will affect the maximum commission amount you may receive for a certain product.

4. Avoiding the Benefits and Emphasizing Features

Promoting a product’s advantages to consumers is one of the core tenets of marketing. The majority of inexperienced affiliate marketers tell their audience the features of the items they are promoting rather than their advantages.

Although outlining the benefits might be helpful, it seldom encourages readers to make a purchase. It gives the impression that your information is newsworthy rather than promotional.

You will lose out on commissions, which is the largest consequence of this error. You lose out on possible revenue every time one of your audience members chooses not to click on your affiliate link since your income is contingent upon customers completing purchases. This one error frequently accounts for the poor revenue figures reported by several affiliate marketing companies.


Make sure you explain how a product would lessen the suffering or provide enjoyment to your consumers. By taking that technique, the reader will be able to relate to the product more deeply. It will appear to be something they need rather than a commodity.

They will be thrilled to click on your affiliate link and purchase the item once they have established that emotional connection.

5. Not Tracking And Testing

typical errors made in affiliate marketing

I mentioned the existence of dishonest affiliate marketing networks on the market, but I also said how crucial it is to track your clicks and conversions.

It will not only protect you from unscrupulous businesses manipulating your sales, but it will also make it simpler for you to understand what’s happening within your own company.

An excessive number of affiliate marketers fail to monitor their website’s activity and make decisions based more on their gut instincts than on what the data is actually advising them to do.

It’s not hard to implement simple monitoring, particularly if your website is WordPress-built.

One of the simplest methods to observe which links people are clicking on is to install the “Pretty Links” plugin. This will also enable you to confirm that the clicks you are sending to the affiliate network are being accurately recorded.

Then, you can split test and have statistics to support your decisions when you’re ready to make adjustments to boost your conversion rates.

This is important since most individuals who make changes don’t have a lot of data to show them how beneficial those changes were or whether they were at all.

You’re wishing and praying for success without monitoring what’s occurring on your website, rather than being certain that you’re making the correct decisions.

In summary

You need to stay away from all of these blunders if you want your affiliate marketing to succeed. The majority of our solutions need a great deal of patience on your part. It will frequently take between six months and a year to start seeing benefits.

But think of them as the building pieces of your affiliate marketing company. You may eventually grow your business if you lay the proper foundation.

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