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BeMob Tracking Tutorial – Best FREE Tracker for Affiliate Marketers!

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If you work in affiliate marketing, you are aware that tracking clicks and purchases is a full-time workload. Fortunately, there are tracking solutions like BeMob available to assist make this process more simpler.

We’ll go over all there is to know about the BeMob tracker platform in this training video and find out if it is as excellent as they claim.

Let’s briefly discuss the reasons why you require a tracking tool first, though.

Using a tracking tool streamlines the process of keeping an eye on, assessing, and improving your media purchasing efforts. You may eliminate the need to manually download information into spreadsheets and create formulae in order to calculate metrics on your own by using it.

With the use of ad trackers, you can determine which of your advertisements are most effective, how many sales you’re making, and where your visitors is coming from.

You will be able to decide where to spend your time and money with knowledge thanks to all the information a monitoring tool can offer. This will enable you to grow your affiliate marketing company to new heights.

What is BeMob?

A cloud-based campaign management tool called BeMob assists small and big organizations in streamlining their online advertising operations by providing features including custom reporting, landing page management, audience targeting, traffic distribution, and up- and cross-selling.

Numerous capabilities are available on the platform, such as sophisticated traffic source tracking, fraud detection, campaign management, and conversion monitoring.

BeMob also gives advertisers access to a wealth of information, such as affiliate commissions, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Marketers may see which efforts are succeeding and which ones require improvement with the help of this important data.

The platform was introduced in 2015 and is based in the US. It developed from a simple performance marketing tool to become one of the most respected trackers in the market.

In the end, BeMob saves affiliates money and time by giving them the resources they require to manage profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at some of BeMob’s greatest attributes to understand why affiliate marketers that utilize it wind up appreciating it.

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Video contents:

0:00 – Introduction
4:34 – Creating a BeMob account
5:33 – Creating a direct link campaign link
17:35 – Creating a landing page campaign link
22:18 – Creating a campaign URL (for Google Ads)
27:03 – Integrating BeMob + the affiliate network
30:23 – Other dashboard settings
34:03 – Other BeMob settings (like custom domain)

Key benefits of using BeMob:

  • 100% free
  • Seamless redirects
  • Same interface as many other trackers
  • Comprehensive drill down reports
  • Custom metrics & conversions
  • Free SSL for custom domains
  • Bot & spy protection
  • Team access
  • Flexible workspaces
  • English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian dashboard support
  • Free plan and competitive pricing

After watching this BeMob tutorial, you should be a pro in setting up tracking and should be able to track absolutely anything.

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