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How I Made $500 in Two Days from ChatGPT & Google



In an era where technology continually reshapes the way we live and work, artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer, particularly when it comes to making money. AI’s transformative capabilities have permeated various industries, enabling individuals to harness its power to generate assets and secure passive income streams.

In this article, we’ll delve into one of the most promising concepts we’ve encountered and are currently testing, offering you a glimpse into a side gig that combines the art of blog creation with the science of affiliate marketing.

Thanks to AI-powered tools, the process of crafting compelling articles has never been more accessible, making it an enticing prospect for aspiring entrepreneurs. Specifically, we’ll explore the use of ChatGPT to streamline blog writing, eliminate concerns about keywords and SEO, and unveil a method that can yield results within just two days.

Our primary focus? Establishing a news website tailored to attract users from Google News. Let’s navigate this intriguing journey step by step.

I’ll discuss one of the greatest concepts I’ve found and am presently testing out in this post.

It is easy to implement this notion, and AI can be a major factor in its expansion. I’m talking about a side gig where you make blogs and use affiliate marketing. AI-powered tools have made article creation more approachable, which is good news for anyone looking to start new side businesses.

With ChatGPT, we can help with blog writing and get rid of worries about keywords and SEO. In just two days, you may see results using the method I’ll provide you. The main tactic is to build a news website specifically intended to draw users from Google News. Let’s go over the procedure step-by-step.

Get A Hosting and Domain

You must first have a news blog. Both hosting and a domain must be purchased in order to post your blog. I suggest Bluehost if you’re searching for inexpensive hosting that comes with a free name and SSL certificate. To help you get started, I can also provide you some free templates and tips.

Register with Bluehost for a Hosting Account

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for assistance if you need it setting up your blog. I may be reached at [X] on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Install a news theme next, and pick a domain name associated with news, as that’s what we’ll be posting.

After all setup go to the next step:

Locate Trendy Content

The first step is to identify information that has gone viral. You can do this by utilizing Google Trends and Google News.

Google Trends: Because it shows what is presently trending, Google Trends makes it simple to find viral content. All you have to do is choose your preferred target nation and click on the ‘Trending’ section to start a real-time search. Determine the most popular articles and questions by examining the trending themes.

Google News: Open Google News and select from a variety of popular subjects and articles to utilize as inspiration for your blog entries.

Create Content Using ChaGPT

The next step is to use ChatGPT to rewrite the articles after you receive the material. Just give ChatGPT the command “Rewrite this article,” and you can use another request like “Make it plagiarism-free” after that.

Paste the revised text into each of your everyday blog entries after copying it. 20–30 articles should be posted each day. Google’s spam filters won’t affect your site because it is news-focused. Within two to three days, you should begin to receive traffic from Google News and Google Search.

Don’t be afraid to put your affiliate links in articles you read regarding items that may be marketed through affiliate marketing. Affiliate services such as Amazon are easy to join up for and enter your links into.

After just one to two hours a day, and with continuous daily postings of twenty to thirty articles, you will begin to receive traffic from Google News and Google Search in about a month. After your traffic has increased, you may apply to monetization schemes to start earning money.

Blogging provides a variety of ways to generate cash, and you may potentially make thousands of dollars online by fusing AI tools with your creativity. In this day and age, achieving financial success is easier than ever.

Keep your concentration and work hard; when combined, AI and hard work may provide great success. You may contact me at [X] or on LinkedIn if you need any help.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AI-powered solutions are not just reshaping industries but also revolutionizing the way individuals can earn money.

In this article, we explored a captivating side gig that merges the art of blogging with the science of affiliate marketing, all made easier and more efficient with the help of AI, particularly ChatGPT.

By creating a news website targeting Google News users and employing AI-driven content creation, you can potentially embark on a journey toward financial success. The initial steps of securing hosting and a domain name, identifying trending content using tools like Google Trends and Google News, and rewriting articles with ChatGPT’s assistance pave the way for a lucrative endeavor.

Remember, success in this realm demands focus, dedication, and continuous effort, but with AI as your ally, the path to financial success has never been more within reach. Should you require further assistance or have questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your financial aspirations are closer to reality than you might think.

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