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5 Best ClickBank Alternatives for Affiliate Marketers

The Best Affiliate Network To Select

Think about the goods or services you wish to advertise when selecting an affiliate network. It is also imperative to examine the network’s commission structure. As an illustration, certain networks base their payment on a portion of sales, while others base it on the total amount spent.

It’s crucial to confirm that the network works with your website or blog and has received positive feedback from other affiliates.

It’s crucial to investigate many networks in order to choose the best affiliate network. It’s important to review each network’s commission structure after you’ve reduced the number of options available.

Make sure the network works with your website or blog and has received positive feedback from other affiliates. When choosing a network, consider the goods and services that most appeal to you as well as the commission structure that most fits your need.

The Top 10 ClickBank Substitutes List:

If you’re looking to find better deals and maybe boost your revenue, there are plenty of ClickBank alternatives out.

Given our experience and expertise in this field, we made the decision to write a thorough guide that will expose you to some of the top affiliate networks that can be good substitutes for ClickBank.

We will present crucial details about every network, including their features, ways to make payments, and a general comparison. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we will conclude this article with our recommendation for the best ClickBank substitute for affiliates.

1. DigitalMart24

DigiStore is an additional affiliate network within the ecosystem that may be regarded as a substitute for ClickBank. DigiStore24 has become one of the most well-known affiliate marketing networks worldwide, delivering up to 70% commission on over 8000+ goods.

However, one of the most notable aspects is its accounting automation, which encompasses tax automation as well, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for both people and enterprises.

DigiStore24 Key Features:

  • Provide up to 70% affiliate commission on items and maintain a long list of deals with over 8000 products.
  • Works in more than 44 niches if classified.
  • A wide range of users and sectors can benefit from DigiStore24, including networkers, affiliates, publishers, writers, marketers, email list builders, and influencers.

2. ShareASale

The vast network known as ShareASale is devoted to tangible product coupons. Although several non-network competitors, including Amazon, engage in more affiliate commerce, it has been cited as the largest in the world in various lists. It can be more discriminating than ClickBank even if it is larger.

Given its size, the network caters to a wide range of specialties, such as fashion, green appliances, home and garden items, and business equipment. You’ll have a plethora of offerings to select from because of the size.

ShareASale vs ClickBank

• Wide range of merchants: Almost all categories of tangible items have affiliate offers available here. The NBA Store, WP Engine, and Viator are among the businesses that are represented.

• Performance standards: ShareASale has criteria that allow underperforming affiliates to be removed from the system due to inadequate funds. Reliability for novices is lower on this network since warnings aren’t always present.

ShareASale Key Features:

  • You can also simply measure your sales performance using ShareASale’s real-time tracking feature.
  • Provide more than 2500 affiliate deals.
  • The tool for creating personalized license plates is another excellent resource. It allows you to effortlessly make deep connections to the items you are marketing and create links directly from social network features.

3. JVZoo

You can only discover digital items in JVZoo’s “Marketplace,” which is remarkably similar to ClickBank.

They are not like ClickBank, though, in that each and every product available there is intended just for affiliate marketers.

While they may provide categories like “Health” and “Self Improvement,” these article bundles are actually PLR (Private Label Rights) that are meant to be thrown into an article rewriter of some sort.

Not that there’s anything unlawful or intrinsically bad about that. Just so you’re aware of what to anticipate beforehand.

For those who are already in the instant messaging industry, this is an ideal location to search for deals. Also, many of the goods on JVZoo pay 50%+ commission rates on things that generally cost $97.

Does earning $45 per referral seem good to you?

That’s precisely the reason why so numerous affiliates promote JVZoo offerings; in other words, it’s not in your best interest.

Key Features of JVZoo

  • JVZoo is very easy to use and offers a wealth of statistics and helpful information about the products you might be ready to promote.
  • However, the sole negative aspect of JVZoo is that a few of their items could not be of high quality. If you advertise low-grade products on your website, this could have a negative effect.

4. CJ

Launched in 1998, this is an affiliated marketing platform. In 2014, Commission Junction, also known as CJ, changed its name to “CJ Affiliate by Conversant.” Thousands of affiliates have chosen CJ as one of the greatest affiliate networks because it offers over 1500 offers.

Should you find success with CJ Affiliate Programs, you have the potential to earn over $10,000 each month. Apart from this, they also appoint you as an account manager so that you may obtain greater leverage of the business with your sort of advertising.

To keep you out of trouble, CJ offers a one-time payment option and accepts checks, direct bank deposits, and payments made through their partners.

5. MyLead

As a strong substitute for ClickBank, MyLead offers an astounding 4327 offers to choose from, covering a wide variety of commission kinds such as PPI, COD, CPA, CPL, and CPS. Affiliates are able to choose the model that best suits their monetization plan thanks to this extensive selection. Because MyLead has a $20 minimum payment barrier, affiliates may earn more money with this platform.

Key Features of MyLead

  • Have acquired 4300+ offers across several verticals with a minimal threshold of $20 just.
  • have thus far provided publishers with an astounding $11 million in deliveries.
  • provides well-known services including dating, downloads, smartlinks, credit card submission, and much more.

Finally, the Highest Paying ClickBank Alternatives

In conclusion, there are a plethora of good alternatives to ClickBank, each with special advantages and features of its own. Important factors to take into account while selecting an alternate affiliate network are the quantity of offers, product categories, compensation structure, minimum payment, and ways of payment.

For every kind of affiliate, there is a substitute, ranging from the ease of use of BuyGoods to the comprehensive strategy of DigiStore24, the CPA model of Maxweb, and the progressive technology of Impact.

Because each of these ClickBank substitutes offers a different strategy for affiliate marketing, depending on the demands and objectives of the user, certain individuals and organizations may find them more appropriate.

The final selection ultimately comes down to matching the best option with your unique affiliate marketing goals; perhaps, our list of the top 12 ClickBank substitutes has helped you get closer to that point.

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