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Question 1 of 8:

Are you a man or a woman?

We ask because your success blockers may sometimes manifest a little differently depending on your gender.

Question 2 of 8:
Women tend to receive compliments differently compared to men. What do you do when someone compliments you?

Question 3 of 8:
Great! People who show gratitude for compliments tend to get more of them, and make friends more easily. Also, studies show women are better at making friends than men – so how do you deal with meeting new people?

Question 4 of 8:
Your social habits may influence how you set goals. How do you feel about goal setting?

Question 5 of 8:
People who set big goals are often confident in asking for what they want. Can we guess you’re the same?

Question 6 of 8:
You try your best to speak up when you can. Are you also able to not worry about what others think of you? (Some studies suggest women have more empathy than men, and may be more affected by other people’s opinions.)

Question 7 of 8:
It’s liberating to not be weighed down by other people’s opinions. Do you expect perfection in yourself?

Question 8 of 8:
There’s nothing wrong with failure, as long as you make the decision to keep trying. Speaking of decisions, neuroscientists believe women become more alert when faced with high-pressure decisions. How do you feel about making decisions?

before you watch the presentation where James Bauer shares his “Secret Obsession” method, we simply ask that each person agrees to these three guidelines:

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Only 1 out of 4 people are ready to remove their success blockers!

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  • You must NOT share the details of this presentation with anyone due to the Manifestation Secrets contained within.
  • Do NOT wait to use Alexander’s tips the time to start preparing was yesterday. With just a few of his tips Alexander is absolutely confident they will open your eyes to what’s really holding you back.
  • This private video is ONLY being made available to a select group of people and will be REMOVED if Alexander comes under too much pressure from his lawyers. If you do not want to discover these Manifestation secrets, please CLOSE THIS WINDOW IMMEDIATELY to free up your slot for the next person in line.
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