Facebook Audiences Tutorial [Custom Audiences, Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences]
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Facebook Audiences Tutorial [Custom Audiences, Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences]

We go through Facebook custom audiences, lookalike audiences, audience targeting, retargeting audiences, and email list audiences.

There are a ton of different custom audiences you can create including engagement audiences, Facebook video audiences, and more.

You absolutely want to focus on creating a lot of successful Facebook Saved Audiences so you can continue to target them within your campaigns and drive conversions.

Customer lists are one of the incredible features of the Facebook advertising platform. A Custom Audience that is created on Facebook using data from an uploaded customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers. You can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Types of Facebook Audiences Explained:

Customer File Custom Audience – You can upload a customer file to match your customers with profiles on Facebook and create an audience from the matches. It’s very popular to upload email lists but you can also upload phone numbers, address data, names, and more.

When it comes to customer file custom audiences, you can copy and paste information directly, or upload CSV files filled with Emails, Phone Number, Mobile Advertiser ID, First Name, Last Name, ZIP/Postal Code, City, State/Province, Country, Date of Birth, Year of Birth, Gender, Age, Facebook App User ID, and Facebook Page User ID.

Facebook also allows you to import directly from MailChimp but you can upload audiences from any email provider. Lastly, you can upload customer lists that include lifetime customer value LTV information. Facebook can create audiences based on your most valuable customers.

Website Traffic Custom Audience – Also known as Facebook Retargeting Audiences, you can create lists based on the people who have visited your website where you have your Facebook Pixel.

When it comes to website traffic custom audiences, you want to first add your Facebook pixel to your website. Then, you can track and create audiences by custom events, specific pages, duration of website visit, or just target all visitors.

App Activity Custom Audience – Also known as mobile app custom audiences, you can have a list of people who have launched your app or visited specific pages or played games.

Offline Activity Audience – You can upload lists of offline audiences including people who have visited your store in-person, called your phone number, or bought one of your products and gave their information.

You will have to create offline event sets through Facebook. There are a lot of options from connecting your data directly to uploading customer lists you have collected.

Engagement Custom Audience – You can target people who have engaged with your Facebook page, Instagram page, watched your videos, and more.

When it comes to Engagement Custom Audiences, you can create
Video engagement audiences, Lead form engagement audiences, Full screen Experience Canvas Ad engagement audiences, Facebook page engagement audiences, Instagram page engagement audiences, and Event engagement audiences.

Therefore, you can create audiences any time someone watches one of your videos on Facebook or Instagram, any time someone interacts with or fills out a Facebook lead form, any time someone interacts with one of your canvas ads, any time someone interacts with your Facebook or Instagram page and any one who shows an interest or interacts with one of your events.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences – They are similar to Similar Audiences on Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Basically what Facebook does is take all of the demographic, interest, geographic, a behavior data they can track and they map people from your audiences to other people on Facebook.

You can create Facebook Lookalike Audiences off your website visitors, email list, or any of the other audiences we mentioned above.

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