How To Find Interests For Facebook Advertising Campaigns
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How To Find Interests For Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Are you having troubles finding relevant interests with Facebook’s audience insights tool? You know that targeting relevant interests with your Facebook Advertising is key to success…. But how?

This video shows you the alternative way to find interests for Facebook advertising besides simply relying on the audience insights tool.

You will still get value from Facebook’s audience insights tool but their suggestions and removal of the affinity score have made the suggestions from that tool less relevant over time.

Here are the previous videos on the Facebook Audience Insights tool:

Part 1

Part 2

This video shows you exactly how to find the most relevant interests for your Facebook ads… But be sure to heed my warning in the video….

Don’t simply accept these interests as ‘best’ since Facebook recommends them.

You need to still do your due diligence and research them and test them before scaling to larger budgets with them.

I prefer the $5 ad set method for testing interests in new Facebook ad campaigns. I cover that method in this video: