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[Video] How to Make Money With ClickBank FAST In 2022 – Step-By-Step Tutorial for Beginners

How to make money with ClickBank FAST in 2022? Watch behind my shoulder as I show you exactly how to do it in this step-by-step tutorial for beginners!

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Results that you can achieve
2:02 – 2 ways to make money with ClickBank
3:29 – Select a ClickBank product
6:03 – Create a landing page
14:02 – Create a Microsoft Ads ad

Let’s get straight into this tutorial on how to make money with ClickBank FAST in 2021.

Part 1: Results that you can achieve

You can achieve limitless results with any strategy with ClickBank.

Right now I’m doing a lot of affiliate marketing for products I am actually currently using that offer recurring income, however on the side I also promote ClickBank products.

And in this video I show you that I made roughly $7,000 USD so far in the month of December with 6 days left.

This isn’t out of your reach either – once you get the hang of what I’m doing and apply the principles yourself, you’ll be making good money in no time yourself.

Part 2: 2 ways to make money with ClickBank

There are a million and 1 ways to make money online with ClickBank, but they usually fall under 2 “buckets” – the paid approach and the free approach.

The free approach takes longer and relies on SEO and for your content to show up at the top in search engines.

This is “free” in the sense that you’re not paying for any traffic, however you do have to constantly put the work in, create new articles, rely on SEO, and worst of all WAIT for it all to kick in.

I love this approach – but not as something I’d start with right away.

Instead, I like the paid approach because that can get me results instantly, and we all like instantly.

So what we’re going to do is create a landing page and promote it on Microsoft Ads, which is very friendly to new affiliates.

You can also try Facebook and Google Ads but you should definitely be more careful if using them.

Now that we have this, let’s quickly pick out a ClickBank product and get on with how to make money with ClickBank fast in 2021 tutorial.

Part 3: Select a ClickBank product

Head over to and select any product you like. I suggest starting with an offer that pays out $100+ in commissions and that’s in the health or wealth category as that’s where there is the most demand and so most amount of traffic that you’ll be getting.

Part 4: Create a landing page

Next we have to create a landing page. There are many reasons for doing so, but primarily so that we have more control over where we’ll be sending people to so we can make changes to the page if needed and create different page variations if it’ll be beneficial.

My favorite page builder is Unbounce for many reasons, primarily that they give you the most control over the page and you can put any element anywhere you like.

You can use any builder you like, but if you want to use Unbounce, definitely take advantage of my link which gives you a big discount:

I have an entire Unbounce playlist you can find at the bottom of the description, but in this video, we simply pick up a template, make some changes to it so it’s relevant to our offer, and use the URL to promote on Microsoft Ads.

And now let’s move on to the final part in this tutorial on how to make money online with ClickBank fast in 2021.

Part 5: Promote on Microsoft Ads

Head over to and create an account.

Then, click on “Create new campaign” and just fill in the blanks to create a new campaign.

Use the URL that you just created in Unbounce as your website URL and we can start sending traffic there.

We have to pick out some keywords, make tempting ad copies and voila! We have successfully set up our ads for our ClickBank product.

You do have to put up an upfront investment for every click, but this is one of the fastest and one of my favorite approaches on making money with ClickBank.

And this is how you make money with ClickBank fast in 2022!


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