Facebook Ads for Dropshipping – Master FB Ads in 30 Minutes!
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Facebook Ads for Dropshipping – Master FB Ads in 30 Minutes!

In this free course video, I cover everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising in 2020.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that you should always use website conversions PURCHASE optimization, aside from when you’re split testing with worldwide PPE (even with a new pixel.) Only try higher funnel optimization techniques (i.e. ATC, VC…) when you’re more experienced.

I start by covering the basics – setting up your pixel and page, setting up your column set in ads manager, and a basic overview of how Facebook Ads works.

Then, I talk about different strategies you can use to research your audience and find interests to target, including the audience insights tool. I also explain how flex targeting works and why it’s useful.

Next, I cover how I split test my creatives using worldwide PPE to find the winning creative and to get social proof/data. I explain how lookalike audiences work and why I like to test a 95% video viewers lookalike audience right off the bat.

Afterward, I go into the testing phase in-depth, explaining how I set up my targeting for testing, what budget you should use, recommended bid-to-budget ratio, using the breakdown tool to find potential winning ad sets and much more. I also explain my optimization strategies and how to determine when to kill an ad set using your breakeven ROAS.

I also show you how to set up a re targeting funnel using FB ads and give a few more tips to optimize performance and delivery.

Lastly, I explain how to scale aggressively using more LAAs and manual bidding. I also explain the concept of ad fatigue and why it’s important that you regularly produce new video content for your products.

I spent a lot of time making this free course so if the video helped you in any way, please make sure to like & subscribe! I will make sure to keep dropping valuable videos like this one in the future.

Thanks for watching!

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