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How He Got All His Disabled Facebook Ad Accounts Back!

If you are getting most of your clients through Facebook ads, you know how frustrating it is to have an account disabled…

You could be making 2K a day, and then wake up the next day, and see that your main ad account was disabled…

But there’s a miracle coming your way!!

My friend Bodan, who’s been a Facebook advertiser and affiliate marketer for over 8 years, having generated over $1,000,000 in commissions in the last 2 years, is a good friend of someone who has been working for Facebook’s policy department.

And when his friend left Facebook for a much better job at Amazon’s compliance department….

Bogdan had a few calls with him and learned everything there was about the hidden side of Facebook policies.

– How the Facebook policy department works

– How is Facebook’s artificial intelligence programmed


A few days later, Bogdan applied this knowledge, made the right changes to his landing pages and account’s settings, then he appealed to Facebook and he got 90% of his disabled ad accounts and BMs back!

Even one of his business managers that has been disabled for over 1 year and its pixel had fired over 20,000 purchases.

Then he shared these secrets with some of his affiliates and partners, and as you see below, most of them got their accounts back, many of them in minutes after they appealed.

The Secrets My Affiliates And Partners Use To Get Their Disabled Fb Ad Accounts Reactivated In Record Time!

So, if you are running Facebook ads and you’ve been struggling because of Facebook disabling your ad accounts, Go To This Page and Check Out Bogdan’s Secrets On Facebook Compliance, because you will learn how to reinstate all your disabled ad accounts and BM’s, even your advertising access!

If your CPM is way higher than you want it to be, you can reduce it with up to 40%! All you need to do is increase your Facebook’s account reputation!

Go To This Page, and see the 11 tricks that make your ad account ‘s reputation perfect in the eyes of Facebook!

Also, know that if you’ve had ad accounts disabled in the past or ads that were disapproved, your Fb Ad accounts and Business managers are at a high risk of being disabled in the near future, unless you implement the knowledge Bogdan shares on his website!

Go To This Page and Learn How To Secure Your Facebook Ad Accounts!

Partners Use To Get Their Disabled Fb Ad Accounts Reactivated

Go To This Page and Learn How To Secure Your Facebook Ad Accounts!


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