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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners [2020]

Learn how the pros make money with affiliate marketing with this tutorial for beginners. Some of my best tips and tricks for making money with affiliate marketing…

1. Create a course in your niche. Make sure it’s good enough to sell for at least $100…and then give it away for free.

2. YouTube is key. If you’re a beginner looking to make money with affiliate marketing as fast as possible, then you must start creating content on YouTube. No Excuses.

3. If you want to earn real money online as an affiliate marketer, position yourself in one of 3 evergreen niches. They are:
✅ Health
✅ Wealth
✅ Love

4. Belief is key. Everyone always wants to know if affiliate marketing works or if it’s legit. It is but you have to believe it is before you can make it work.

5. You have to make $1 before you can make $100 and you have to learn how to make $100 a day before you can make $1000 a day. Set reasonable goals.

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