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Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2020

Today we have 10 high-ticket affiliate programs that you can start promoting today. I promote them or I know someone who promotes them. These aren’t just random products that no one knows about, I personally know someone who promotes every on of these or I promote them myself (so there’s no need to worry about them being crappy programs).

When I say high ticket affiliate programs I’m talking about anything above $100 in a single sale. I know a lot of people would consider high-ticket above a thousand, or 500, but for me I’m pretty happy every time I make anything over $100.

The reason I love high-ticket offers is that when you market them right, they really aren’t a ton harder to do then low-ticket offers. Seriously.

Think about it. If someone is searching for “mattresses to buy”, are they just as easy to sell to as someone searching “crayons to buy”?

Yes! They are both buyers. Both have their credit cards out and are ready to buy. So why target the people that will make you $.30 instead of $300? That’s the beauty of high-ticket affiliate offers, especially when you use search engine marketing to do your affiliate marketing like I do.

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