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My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint To Success [Roadmap & Milestones]

In today’s tutorial, i’m breaking down the mile stones in a roadmap / blueprint for affiliate marketing success.

✅ Milestones: (covered in detail later) ?
✅ Decide on what type of list (email list)
✅Buy / set up the tool
✅Find / make a click magnet
✅Create delivery page (welcome vid)
✅Create delivery links / email
✅Follow up series
✅Brand Yourself (make free content)
✅Build a landing page
✅Connect everything
✅Fuel the fire with traffic
✅Launch Jack / Become a Good affiliate & hit leader-boards / get ?more confident on camera
✅Make your own product
✅Join the launch game
✅Outsource Your entire business
✅Make your own high ticket offer
✅Learn how to do webinars
✅Master paid traffic (YouTube Ads)
✅Build your own sales team
✅Make a million dollars lol

Make sure you master each step before moving onto the next one. Stay focused and consistent and you’ll get there.

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