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Affiliate Marketing Motivation 2020 [Do You Have The Right Mindset?]

Without a proper mindset, you will not have motivation for 2020 and beyond

What’s up, you guys, this is Brian Pfeiffer of and today I will talk about mindset.

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Mindset training
Mindset has a huge role to play in online work.

Affiliate marketing has always been a mind game where resilience has paved the way to success. In this video, we will focus on the mindset you need to succeed online this year.

The summer is over and the year is coming to the fall season. It is the time of the year where businesses flourish and hence it is time to get serious about your business and start making some money online.

➡️ Decide it’s time for a change

The first thing to do is acknowledge that there is a need for change and then acting upon it. It is easy to get stuck in your habits.

➡️ Expand knowledge, mentors etc

Right now, staying on top of your game at all times has become mandatory, especially in terms of technology.

Just remember to focus on one thing while expanding your knowledge.

When you make investments, you can make money on it year over year over year.

➡️ Give until it hurts
The other thing to do is give.
• Giving information to people by putting up videos comes under this category.
• Donate money to a charity or volunteering at a local organization are forms of giving as well.
• Letting my friend stay at my house rent-free is another form of giving.
• Putting blog posts and Goodwill into the world by showing people what is working online is all giving.

➡️ Never free if you are in a take mentality, scam, extort, cheat, etc will never win in the end.
No push button solution
Never cheat in your life.
No stealing,
No cheating on a test
No scamming your clients:

If you know that a product does not work, but you are still performing affiliate marketing on it, you are asking for failure.

Not everyone can get to the level like that. You will have to put in a lot of effort and work.

You will have to learn a range of skills including
• Marketing
• Copywriting
• Shoot videos
• Edit videos
• Building a website
• Buying traffic

And none of them can be learned overnight. It will take months, if not years, to learn these skills.

Afterward, you will have to get better at putting these skills together.

Learning these skills, and using them is synergy will make the process easier, but that will take years to achieve.

Failures will be a part of the learning process, but once you start succeeding, you will be able to mimic your success faster and faster.

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